Every individual has a huge, but frequently subdued, development potential and can improve his own learning and thinking functions irrespective of age, inborn skills or even mental and psychological problems. It is so because of flexibility of the human brain – its ability to change and adapt, however all this does not happen without additional attempts...


The Programme is intended for:

pedagogues, psychologists, social workers and parents.

The Programme is used for:

  • Development of particularly gifted and talented children and youth;
  • Development of hyperactive children;
  • Development of children, youth and adults with special needs;
  • General development programmes;
  • Vocatonal training and retraining programmes



Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) Programme is aimed at helping every individual to improve learning skills, teaching how to apply these skills in solving actual problems of life and to reveal the potential of abilities which is considerably larger than each individual can imagine.

Feuerstein’s Method (Mediated Learning Experience) is a unique learning technique well-known all over the world developed by the professor Reuven Feuerstein which helps to improve the quality of mental skills to be developed, to expand the amplitude of thinking and to facilitate and accelerate the learning.
Feuerstein’s method focuses on:

Thinking skills
Learning skills
Talent discovery and development


Learning instruments and programmes have been applied in Training Centres of Feuerestein Institutes already for over 50 years in more than 30 countries of the world. Feuerestein’s methods are applied by pedagogues and psychologists in more than 80 countries. Collections of exercises of Feuerstein’s programme and teachers books are translated into 17 languages.    





  • Develop students’* skills of quick, independent and motivated learning

Feuerstein’s Method reveals and stimulates instinctive (innate) motivation of children to learn as a result of which a child feels responsible for his (her) development and learning results improve and are achieved quicker.

  • Enhance basic thinking skills of students* and expand the limits of their cognitive skills

With the help of Feuerstein’s Method students are taught to understand linkages and regularity of causes and consequences, control impulsive thinking, compare, forecast, categorise, differentiate, raise and check hypotheses and substantiate conclusions.

  • Develop students’* introspection, critical mind and creativeness.
  • Facilitate social and community integration of individuals* and help them to deal with problems of communication and other problems of life.
  • Help students* to become responsible, motivated and independent and to make stand-alone decisions.
  • Reveal skills and talents of students*.
  • Get acquainted with methods intended for work with individuals* who have special needs.



The word Studentnts used in the text in this case covers all age groups: children, youth and adults

Trainees will acquire teaching methodology (theoretical knowledge) and practical instruments. 

All students will be awarded a Feuerstein Institute Certificate of Instrumental Enrichment Mediator upon successful completion of the entire course Instrumental Enrichment (IE) Standard programe requirements.





Prof. Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014) is one of the best cognitive psychologists of children, who had developed special learning propensity assessment devices and special development programmes for thinking, intellect and learning. In 1956, R. Feuerstein established the ICELP Institute in Jerusalem – the international centre for education, treatment and research. The main purpose of the Institute is to enable independent learning of people with different abilities. The Institute has methodologies for wok with very talented children and helps to improve learning skills of children and adults who have emotional, psychological, cognitive and social problems.



Programme supported by the
 Lithuanian Confederation of education



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